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Since 1986 RMG has focused on developing and continuously improving its process and implementation methodology and skills. The primary objective of this has been to deliver projects and programs with our customers that provide sustainable and measurable improvements. These improvements result in bottom-line value through reliability improvements and cost reductions; “Lowest Cost Reliability”.

RMG has pioneered the concept that sustainable, low cost reliability is, to a significant degree, a function of Human Reliability©. Human Reliability is the ability of the people in an organization to utilize the preferred technology, work processes, and equipment that have been provided, to their full capabilities, in order to deliver lowest cost reliability.

RMG’s professional staff are highly knowledgeable of industry best practices. Our people have very strong analytical skills and are certified to apply multiple industry-accepted improvement methods (e.g. lean, 6-sigma, kaizen, etc.).  We believe that our differentiator is our Change Management and Field Coaching Implementation methodologies and abilities. We believe that it is the way we engage and partner with client organizations, more so than how we analyze problems, that produces sustainable results.

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