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Industrial Implementation Services

Implementation is the most difficult part of any process change.  RMG’s industrial implementation philosophy recognizes and understands that the projected bottom line results are only captured if employees understand the reasons for change and make it happen. RMG’s customized Field Coaching Matrices © provide a detailed visual progress report, define areas of coaching needed, and ensures employees understand the process and expectations.

RMG’s experienced professionals have deep industry and work process experience. We understand the challenges facing our clients and have successfully implemented a wide variety of improvements. Our clients typically realize improvements beyond those specifically targeted. Our method of engagement raises performance with regard to numerous daily habits including meeting management, performance coaching, effective communication, as well as issue tracking and resolution. Improved habits in these areas naturally lead to improved performance in other areas such as safety, compliance and problem-solving.


Implementation Services

RMG’s expertise and experience allows us to provide a comprehensive industrial implementation services based on the needs of our clients.  Our range of services span from a specific point solution (i.e. Planner training or scheduling) to coaching and entire organization (i.e. Operations or Maintenance) in a process improvement project. The Masters of Implementation © Methodology is flexible to meet your specific needs and allows for real-world modifications as necessary.   There's no need to abandon the progress you’ve already made; RMG’s expertise and resources can help you build on what is already working. RMG works with clients to develop a focused approach toward a successful implementation. These include:

  • Confirming and training to a standardized process.
  • Coaching employees in cultural and behavioral changes that need to occur at all levels of the organization to build and sustain success.
  • Developing an approach that fully integrates tools, systems, and people into the work management process.
  • Discussing, confirming and delivering a business case for the desired improvement that clearly shows the measurable path to bottom-line results.


The RMG Implementation Difference

What separates RMG from other consulting companies?  RMG is dedicated to helping our clients achieve successful, sustainable implementations.  We work with you, side-by-side to successfully eliminate your current obstacles and help you achieve your objectives.

RMG brings experienced professionals to assist you in your improvement effort. RMG believes that the "Root Cause of Reliability is Human Reliability".  Our employees are trained in changing behaviors through results and possess years of real-world experience working in the industries we serve.

Results are only captured when work processes, measurement, and work culture change. This requires assistance at the point of change.  RMG employees spend up to 80% of their time at the point of change, coaching, advising, gaining understanding/buy-in and facilitating the improvement effort. RMG's customized Field Coaching Matrices © and Field Coaching aligns behavior with processes and business objectives

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