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RMG’s Methodology

RMG’s methodology is designed to be applicable within numerous contexts. Each phase of the methodology is backed by a thorough set of tools and techniques developed and refined over 30 years.  The content of each step in the RMG methodology is flexible and based on the unique project objectives. 


A comprehensive review of existing processes and procedures that identify the organizations' strengths, opportunities, and challenges. Key recommendations are identified and supported with a business case. The Assessment step provides quantified descriptions of the organization’s current strengths while identifying additional industry best practices that the organization could gain value from adopting.

Executive & Management Expectations

RMG develops a detailed plan, utilizes sound project management fundamentals, and executes the implementation plan. Cross-functional teams develop revised processes and procedures to address improvement opportunities. The management expectations document then becomes the directive to the Implementation Planning and Design group. A cross-functional team is then lead through the development of improved processes.  Finally, dedicated training and field coaching drives ownership and sustainment amongst the organization.

Implementation Planning & Design

A clearly defined process for reviewing the assessment findings, gaining leadership alignment and commitment, and understanding the recommendations. The key deliverables from these sessions include the establishment of project boundaries, milestones, and implementation deliverables. These sessions prioritize and clarify a set of new practices or habits that the management team would like to see implemented. This includes defining the expected deliverables from implementation as well as any specific characteristics or attributes desired of the work processes. 


One on One structured field coaching of key personnel to ensure the processes are being followed and managed as designed; training


RMG incorporates sustainment elements throughout the methodology.  Specific methods are applied to ensure knowledge transfer to all levels of management, ensuring process changes are sustained over time with clear governance and control.




1 Asset Reliability Work Management


2 Metrics Demonstrating Process Utilization and Efficiency


3 Process Metric Results


4 Financial Results

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