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Addressing our Clients’ needs through Point Solutions

Many clients identify specific areas that they would like to improve without addressing their overall work management performance and culture. Improvement initiatives can cover an organization or a specific department or work group. As a result, RMG has developed specific training modules that address some of the most common concerns of the organizations we work with.  RMG offers point solutions to address specific client needs.

  • Planner training, coaching and development
  • Scheduler training, coaching and development
  • Bad actor identification and solution development
  • Dashboard development and utilization
  • RCA/RCFA training and utilization
  • Lean training and development
  • Supervisor training and accountability
  • System utilization enhancement
  • System selection support
  • Time on tools/barrier analysis

RMG provides these services as stand-alone projects and as part of larger projects. Fundamentals training, advanced training, and re-enforcement of key process elements drive improvement and productivity improvements. 

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