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Shutdown Work Management / Turnaround / Outage

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STO Management Consulting

RMG’s proven methodology has enabled its customers to drive predictable shutdown, turnaround and outage (STO) results by focusing on scope completion, schedule compliance, and budget adherence. A well-managed STO process is a long-term objective. Our team has deep experience in all aspects of STO management and will help ensure that STO planning and implementation support your strategic objectives.

RMG also has the necessary experience to review your STO plan and offer suggestions to achieve a higher probability of schedule, scope and budget attainment for your upcoming event.

RMG’s Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Process Fundamentals

Outage Process Fundamentals
  • Outage Scope
  • Outage Work Hierarchy, Work
  • Breakdown Structure & Initial Work List
  • Initial Joint Prioritization
  • Initial Internal & Contractor Staffing Plan
  • Initial Parts & Materials Requirements Plan
  • Scope, Work List & Budget Reconciliation
  • Shutdown & Startup Procedures & Requirements
  • Standard Outage Procedures and Practices
  • Outage Management & Control Organization
  • Pre-Outage Equipment Performance Testing
  • Outage Sub-Schedules (Scaffolding, Specialty Equipment, etc.)
  • Master Parts & Materials Requirements and Assurance Plan
  • Externalized Work (Pre- & Post-Outage) Schedules
  • Master Outage Schedule Review & Walk Through
  • Contractor Changes-Order Control
  • Outage Scope Change Control (Add-On Control)
  • Daily Cost Tracking & Mitigation
  • Start-Up Management
  • Consolidated "As Worked" Report
  • Contractor/Vendor Reporting
  • Scope Change and Change Order Log
  • Outage Schedule Attainment Reporting
  • Cost Roll-up Reporting
  • Safety Reporting
  • Formal Outage Data Review and Critique
  • Post-Outage Equipment Performance Testing
  • Contractor Vendor Evaluation
  • KPI Review
    •  Immediate Post-Outage
    • Continuing
  • Links to the 3-Year Outage Plan

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