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E2E Process Management

RMG’s End to End (E2E) process management service offering is a comprehensive review and recommendations of our client’s portfolio, program and project management practices.  We work to develop or modify, your E2E work management processes to ensure work is completed on time, on budget and with-in scope. Our offering includes a review of system utilization, portfolio, program and project processes, and utilization, metrics usage.  Once gaps are identified we work with the client to implement in the field and assure the behaviors match the desired future state and are sustainable.  

Delivering Process Excellence

  • Alignment of budget, resources and required work
  • Work prioritization at an enterprise and department level
  • Project budget(s) with clear accountabilities
  • Defined clear accountabilities and responsibilities across the organization
  • Annual levelized workloads and contractor reduction
  • Reduced expedited parts and equipment delivery cost
  • Reduction in scope changes and associated cost
  • Increased productivity through proper resource loading
  • Project managed to the critical path duration
  • Common project reporting at a dashboard and detailed level
  • Visibility of project cost and percent complete (Earned Value)
  • Detailed scorecard with defined accountabilities

Our Typical Results

  • 14% - 25% annual throughput increase
  • 15-25% productivity improvement when paired with field implementation
  • 15-25% increase in project estimate accuracy
  • 5-10% increase in reliability
  • 5-15% decrease in contingency budgets
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