BP Texas City Refinery

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  • BP-Texas City is one of the largest refineries in the US, with a capacity of approximately 460,000 bbl per day
  • Approximately 2,500 employees and 4,000 or more contractors on a daily basis
  • Mix of Union and non-union employees
  • Several high profile Loss of Control events resulting in fatalities, injuries and major production losses
  • Some well-documented work processes existed but were not followed as designed in the field
  • Directive from executive leadership was to transition from a reactive operating mode to a stable, predictable mode

Process Results:

  • Implemented Control of Work and Work Management process
  • KPI’s generated and utilized to maintain operational stability and drive process improvements
  • Percent of reactive work decreased from over 40% to less than 20%.
  • Onstream Mechanical Availability improved from 80.6% (May 2006) to 86.4% (Sept 2007).

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Total annualized savings from availability improvements (through Sept 2007) à $32,651,000
  • Compliance with executive and regulatory agency directives

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