Black Hills Energy

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  • Four coal generating stations representing approximately 223 MW of generation capacity
  • 80 operations employees with contractor maintenance force of six
  • Additional capacity being built to supply growing demand
  • A mix of union and non-union employees
  • Few documented processes, metrics or standard practices in place

Process Results:

  • All non-emergency work planned and scheduled
  • All work documented
  • Schedule compliance >75%
  • Reliability Team defined new PM and PdM tasks
  • PM compliance from 80% to over 95%
  • PM work completion enabled improved availability and reduced costs
  • Planning and scheduling process enabled elimination of inefficiencies and waste

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Increased availability 4% à $1.6M revenue increase in first 5 months after implementation
  • Reduced Operating Costs à $206,258 savings by project end

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