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  • Suncor Fort McMurray site has two upgraders at the site with total capacity to produce 350,000 b/d of synthetic crude oil.
  • In 2010 the Upgrader experienced 2 major fires due to Loss of Containment with costs in excess of $1.0 B
  • Suncor’s Board of Directors initiated a corrective action plan to manage and eliminate LOC fires.
  • Action plan targeted reducing emergency work levels, improving work prioritization and increasing productivity to complete more of the tasks known to help prevent LOC events.

Process Results:

  • Implemented Work Management Process including Notification, Backlog Management Planning & Scheduling and PM Development.
  • Trained 275 Operating & Maintenance staff.
  • Coached & evaluated 200 core process users.
  • KPI’s generated and utilized to maintain operational stability and drive process improvements
  • Implemented improved documentation and communication between reliability groups and maintenance/ operations; resulting in improved focus on preventive tasks directly impacting LOC events
  • All Critical Process Metrics beginning to improve by 10% to 25%.

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • 3 month average for Loss of Containment Incidents in Q3 2011 was 10 versus baseline of 21 and target of 10 or less
  • No RR1 Loss of Containment incidents for 5 months

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