SRP – Work Management

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  • Two generating stations with nine CT units representing approximately 1250 MW of generation capacity for Phoenix, AZ and surrounding communities.
  • 95 total employees; 57 operations employees and 38 maintenance with contractor support for specific projects
  • Additional capacity being built to supply growing demand emphasizes need for standardized work practices
  • Units are gas fired and used as “peaker”, on demand units
  • No standard system-wide process or measures in place to proactively manage asset reliability

Process Results:

  • Implemented weekly and daily scheduling processes
  • Established Craft Planner position from existing resources
  • All work executed and documented with discrete work orders
  • Refined operator rounds
  • Increased participation of operators in maintaining asset reliability.
  • Scrubbed Backlog: organized /clean

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Reduced total backlog (# of jobs) by 50%
  • Improved quality of documentation and use of data without investing in new tools/ systems
  • Affected a sustainable reduction in reactive workload

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