POWERGEN – Outage Management

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  • PowerGen is the dominant provider of electricity for the country of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The fleet consists of 3 generating stations with 23 units (4 steam boiler, 19 gas turbine units) having a combined capacity of approximately 1157 MW.
  • The company was spun off from government control back in 1994 and is currently part of Marubeni Taqa Caribbean Ltd. (MTC)
  • PowerGen’s outage performance in the past has been inconsistent in terms of achieving duration, scope and budget objectives

Process Results:

  • Developed and implemented a standardized Outage Work Management Process across 3 stations.
  • Three major outages completed on time, under budget and with near 100% scope attainment

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Outage overrun penalties decreased by over $1M annually.
  • Increased scope completion positively contributed to asset reliability
  • Three outages completed at 90% predicted cost with near 100% scope completion

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