Mosaic Esterhazy

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  • Potash Mining and Process Facility
  • Two Sites Esterhazy K1 and K2 located in Esterhazy, SK Canada
  • Employs approximately 288 individuals plus contractors
  • Defined and Documented Work Flow Management Processes
  • No Daily Scheduling Process
  • Roles and Responsibilities not clearly defined
  • Inconsistent Process Results

Process Results:

  • Optimized existing Work Flow Management Processes to include industry best practices
  • Implemented Detailed Planning and Daily Scheduling which has resulted in significantly more work being completed with no increase in resources
  • Documented clearly defined roles and responsibilities improving utilization of key resources

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Implementation of Parts and Kitting process reduced the number and age of kitted parts, kits > 90 days old reduced by 50% from 51 to 26, reducing inventory costs.
  • Reduced emergency and urgent

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