Mirant – Outage Management

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  • Mirant is merchant power producer operating in the Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S.
  • The Mid-Atlantic Region generates approximately 5.2 thousand megawatts (M/W) from 4 coal fired plants with some oil and gas “peakers.”
  • The Northeast Region generates approximately 2.3 thousand M/W from 3 plants (1 primary location + 2 “peakers”, all oil and gas).
  • This implementation was preceded by a Routine Work Management implementation project.

Process Results:

  • Implemented outage planning, scheduling and daily cost and schedule control in 7 plants.
  • Increased visibility, integration, and control of major contractor schedules.
  • Established site Implementation Coordinators for sustainability.

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Budgets and durations of the 4 critical Spring 2008 outages.
  • Process improvements yielded a megawatt availability gain >180,000 MWH
  • Improvement valued over $6MM (after expenses) in the first outage season following implementation.

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