Midstream US Pipeline Company

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  • The Company is a pipeline and terminal distribution operator
  • Maintenance activities are driven by regulatory requirements and reaction to failures
  • Underutilization of CMMS system (DataStream)
  • Informal work process used to operate and prioritize work
  • Inconsistent asset strategy as a result of multiple acquisitions
  • Multiple cultures and inconsistent work process
  • Inconsistent documentation of compliance work

 Improvement Effort:

  • Developed, documented, & implemented a consistent maintenance work process across multiple legacy companies
  • Configured CMMS system to align with industry best practices
  • Developed and implemented consistent scheduling process
  • Trained users company-wide on work management philosophy and expectations
  • Trained users on proper usage of DataStream
  • Implemented use of KPI’s to consistently drive behavior and performance
  • Defined and implemented work prioritization methodology

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Reduced OT expenditures by 2.5% or approximately $130,000/annually
  • 100% of all compliance work documented and reported in CMMS system.
  • Increased schedule attainment from 58% to 95% percent
  • Reduced overdue PMs (terminal and pipeline) by 31%
  • Maintained miles driven while reducing overdue maintenance resulting in an estimated $250,000 annual savings

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