Kraft – BOM and PM Development

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  • World leading manufacturer of confectionery, foods and beverage products. Site specializes in the production and packaging of snack crackers and cereals
  • Reactive based maintenance culture
  • Non-existent Preventive Maintenance (PM/PdM) program for new production lines
  • Incomplete / obsolete Bill of Materials (BOMs) in CMMS (SAP)
  • Equipment criticality not documented (based on individuals’ perceptions)
  • Lack of Work Management processes to include work planning, work scheduling and work identification
  • PM Backlogs out of date incomplete and not closed
  • Low PM schedule attainment
  • Few Planed work standards for PM completion

Process Results:

  • PMs and BOMs development:
    • 43 Processing systems identified
    • 116 PMs developed
    • 1280 BOM line items identified & criticality ranked
    • 57% of BOMs input into SAP – Remaining to be completed by company personnel
  • Completed development of PMs and BOMs on schedule and under budget

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