HollyFrontier – Navajo Refining

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  • Two Locations with a combined throughput capacity of 100,000 BPD
  • Weekly scheduling limited to < 20% of identified resources available
  • Lack of effective Planning and Scheduling, Lack of Coordination between Crafts & between Maintenance and Operations
  • The following results were achieved through the cooperative efforts of the entire refinery team focusing on refinery wide goals for Safety, Productivity and Profitability.

Process Results by the Refinery Management team:

  • Developed and implemented Routine Work Management processes
  • Now scheduling >70% of Weekly Available Labor
  • Weekly Schedule Compliance increased from <20% to >65%
  • Work Authorizations Completed per month increased from <200 to >600 per month
  • Documentation and training to ensure sustainability including roles and responsibilities, process flows and procedures

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Reduced Maintenance Contractor headcount
  • Increased / enabled process availability and throughput to achieve profitability of 3MM per day
  • Set all time refinery record for crude rate for May 2012 and repeated that in June

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