Engelhard AME

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  • Multinational specialty chemical & precious metals refining company comprised of three major and two minor business groups
  • In excess of $100mm annual maintenance spend and 15% production downtime in 8 largest plants
  • Emergency break-in work +20%
  • Inconsistent application of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • No standard enterprise-wide process or metrics in place to manage asset reliability or monitor process performance
  • A mix of union and non-union facilities
  • Operations was disconnected from equipment ownership

Process Results:

  • Daily schedule compliance
    from < 40% to + 80%
  • 80% of scheduled jobs planned

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Improved overall maintenance productivity by 20% including:
    • Reduced supplemental maintenance contractor cost by 75%
    • Reduced operations and maintenance overtime by 60%
    • Reduced headcount by 18%
  • Reduced maintenance cost in 8 largest plants by $14mm

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