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  • Site consists of four business units: Adipic Acid, ADN, Diamine, C12 which primarily make intermediate nylon chemicals
  • 1000 employees, 350 resident contractors
  • Largest adipic acid producer in the world – peak throughput of 2.8 million pounds per day
  • Site Powerhouse produces steam and electricity (80 MW) for the site
  • Directive from company leadership to cut maintenance costs by 10% over 2 years

Process Results:

  • Implemented a planning and long range scheduling process
  • Reduced emergency work to less than 10% across the site
  • 13% Reduction in Routine Maintenance Contractor Usage
  • 27% Reduction in Maintenance Materials Costs

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Reduced total Site Maintenance Costs by $15 million in two years

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