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  • White Pigment & Mineral Products Strategic Business Unit consisting of nine plants
  • Site employs approximately 850 people.
  • Partnered with internal consulting group specializing mainly in technology improvement
  • Focus was to reduce fixed costs, increase uptime and implement sustainable processes to systemically identify and eliminate reliability problems

Process Results:

  • Implemented Work Processes
    • Maintenance
    • Operations
    • Reliability problem tracking
    • Accountability
    • Process measurement and failure reporting
    • Analysis and structured problem solving
  • Increased tonnes produced per maintenance hour worked by 45% over previous year average.

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Reduced fixed costs by $6.2 million
    • $3.9 million in Contractor cost reductions
    • $2.3 million in Warehouse inventory reductions
  • Increased Annual Revenue by $13 million
    • Improved uptime to 85.9% from a five-year average of 76.7%

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