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RMG was contracted to conduct an assessment of the Operations Processes amongst six generation plants and a natural gas storage field as part of a larger corporate improvement effort. The objective of the work was to identify strengths and opportunities among the operations processes and outline a path forward towards implementing improvements. RMG analyzed and compared the current state of day to day operations activities against the RMG Operations Excellence Grid© and industry best practices. The scope of RMG’s support included: 

1. Evaluate work process, work culture, and behaviors utilizing RMG’s Operations Excellence Grid© 

2. Determine and document the “Current State” of standards, processes and procedures based on three dimensions:

1. Are they defined and consistently followed? Do behaviors match the written standards, processes and practices?

2. Do the written standards or actual behaviors match known industry best practices?

3. Are they producing the intended results? If not, why?

3. Identify operational factors contributing to production losses, downtime, and equipment failure

4. Document the existing practices that are producing value and list specific recommendations that will help improve upon existing performance


  • Reduce human errors to increase plant availability, lower equipment risk, and improve lost opportunity by:
  • Ensuring accurate, complete information and data exchange in Operations
  • Development of a process and procedure-based culture
  • Establish effective management and improvement of operations practices
  • Set up long-term management and sustainment of operational practices
  • Limit the impact of experience loss due to aging workforce
  • Review, revise, and standardize existing Operations procedures; develop new procedures; remove superseded procedures
  • Develop and implement an Operations Conduct of Operations manual to integrate processes and procedures, including metrics and audits.

Business Case to Support Project

  • $1M reduction in Lost Margin/year by cutting human error in half
  • Additional savings from repair reduction (improved reliability) and improved availability
  • Formalized training, process, and procedures to mitigate loss of aging workforce
  • Reduce risk of ongoing and catastrophic events
  • Develop and implemented a sustained self-auditing process and process checks to capture performance outside of metrics

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