Cleveland Cliffs – Wabush Mine

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  • Workforce 990 employees
  • Joint ownership: Cliffs 26.8%, Dofasco 28.6%, US Steel Canada 44.6%
  • Management: Cliffs Mining Company
  • 2007 production 4.6 million tons representing 13% of Cliffs’ NA iron ore production
  • Maintenance Cost per Ton at a 75% premium over other Cliffs’ NA iron ore facilities (2007 data)
  • Maintenance Cost as a % of Operating Costs was 22% higher than at the other NA iron ore facilities (2007 data)
  • Cliffs leadership prioritized the need to standardize planning, scheduling, reporting, & metrics and better apply the CMMS (Ellipse) as a maintenance tool

Process Results:

  • Trained and Coached the Closed Loop Maintenance Process (CLMP)
  • Work Orders “Ready to Schedule” increased by 34% in the Concentrator and 71% in the Mine (based on period trend)
  • Break-in work is tracking at a 14% reduction on trend
  • 150% improvement in schedule compliance

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • 83% completion rate of training and over 362 individual coaching sessions produced consistent utilization of the standard process à Positive impact on safety and productivity
  • Favorable trend in Maintenance Costs

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