Allegheny Energy Supply Outage

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  • Power Stations in the Allegheny System representing approximately 5000 MW of generating capacity.
  • Significant reductions in boiler tube leaks were paramount to continued business competitiveness. More than 90% of EFOR was traced to boiler tube leaks that could have been averted by the timely completion of the right proactive outage work.
  •  Outage preparation timelines of 6 months or less.
  • Company undergoing a 10% reduction in management staff corporate-wide. At the time of implementation

Process Results:

  • Percent of work planned for each outage went from <20% to >90%.
  • Outage scope completion improvement: from ~85% to 98%
  • Planned Outage Durations reduced by 15%.
  • Past Outages were completed an average of 4.1 days beyond schedule. Post implementation outages were completed an average of .25 days ahead of schedule.

Bottom-Line Impacts:

  • Additional revenue for duration improvements à$3,118,650.
  • Reduction in cost overruns from planned budgets à $334,168.

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